Collective Pull Down®

A Critical Safety Device

The Problem:

The pilot's recognition time in the event of low rotor RPM is a concern with all models of helicopters.  In the event of rotor RPM decay that affects the main rotor speed, the pilot must lower the collective immediately to perform an autorotation.  In certain flight conditions, rotor RPM decay can happen in as little as a few seconds.  If the pilot delays his reaction and allows the main rotor speed to decay below a certain speed, control of the aircraft can be fatally lost.

The Solution:

The Collective Pull Down (CPD) is an aftermarket safety device that initiates the lowering of collective in an engine or drive system failure event.  The CPD is triggered by the low rotor RPM warning signal, and is designed to immediately pull the collective down in less than half a second, eliminating pilot recognition and reaction times. The CPD can be easily overridden by the pilot at any time.



The Innovation:

The CPD is an FAA approved safety product. It is lightweight, less than 2 lbs, easy to install and requires no software to operate.

  • Initiates the critical collective-lowering segment of autorotation entry when the low RPM warning activates
  • Completes required pull down action in approximately 0.5 second
  • Pilot in full control to override the pull down action
  • Compact, modular design for quick and easy installation
  • Lightweight system with small footprint
  • Improves rotorcraft safety and saves lives
  • Provides immediate reaction in loss-of-power events, giving the pilot more time to react
  • Does not take up cockpit or baggage space
  • Provides tactile warning of a low RPM situation
Product ID CPD
Total System Weight 2.0 lb
CPD Assembly Dimensions 7.64" L x 5.94" W x 2.59" H
Qualification Testing RTCA/DO-160G Environmental Specifications
Certification Supplemental Type Certificate #SR02506SE
Power 14V and 28V Systems Available
U.S. Patent Protected by U.S. Patents; other patents pending