An Advanced Safety Device

The HeliTrak Autopilot provides basic control of the helicopter to reduce pilot workload and also includes features to recover the aircraft from unusual attitudes. All controls are thumb-operated buttons mounted conveniently on the cyclic grip and the panel-mounted LED display provides continuous status information. The main processor and actuators are mounted under the passenger seat.

With it's level A software, built in ADAHRS, and triple-redundant hardware architecture, it is certified to the highest FAA Safety standards.




  • Low-G alerts help prevent mast bumping
  • Unusual Attitude Recovery protects against disorientation
  • Autopilot with button steering helps prevent loss of control during inadvertent IMC
  • Pilot can override while engaged
  • Helps reduce workload and fatigue
  • Allows pilot to open maps, adjust instruments, etc.
  • Low cost because of:
    - Simple installation
    - All components and hardware included with product
  • No other components to purchase –no GPS, gyros, ADAHRS, or glass panel required


  • Two-axis System
  • Continuous Low-G Alert
  • Unusual Attitude Recovery
  • Two Modes of Operation:
    - Heading & Altitude
    - Heading & Airspeed
  • All controls thumb-operated on cyclic grip:
    - Engage/Disengage
    - Standard Rate Turns
    - Heading
    - Standard Rate Climb/Descend
    - Altitude
    - Accelerate/Decelerate
    - Airspeed
    - Mode Change
  • Pilot Override
  • Certified to the Highest FAA Safety Standards Using Level A Software and Triple Redundant, Fail-functional Hardware Architecture
  • Completely Self-Contained; No Other Components Required
  • Simple Installation -typically 20 hrs.


Product ID HAP
Total System Weight Less than 10 lb
Main Processor Dimensions 14" L x 13" W x 3" H
Qualification Testing RTCA/DO-160G Environmental Specifications
Certification Supplemental Type Certificate (pending)
Power 14V and 28V Systems Available
U.S. Patent Protected by U.S. Patents (other patents pending)